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The Rise and Fall of  NYLotto (NY Lotto, New York Lotto)

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world and most people come here to earn better income and to improve their lifestyle. People in the city always look out for better ways to earn good income and therefore many New Yorkers are involved in playing lottery games that also becomes their resource to earn more money. NYLotto (NY Lotto) is very different from the regular New York Lottery and is equally popular in the city because it offers a better chance to everybody to win and get money.


NYLotto (NY Lotto)

NYLotto (NY Lotto)

The Popularity of NYLotto (NY Lotto)

Gambling certainly needs some skills because you need to know lot of information about how to deal your cards in the right way. NYLotto (NY Lotto) on the other hand is very simple and it can be played by anybody who wants to earn some extra money and at times players can also win big money that can change their life forever. The game is simple where six numbers are drawn from a larger pot and if those six numbers matches the numbers that you have selected on your playcard you win the prize. So, all you need to do is select your numbers and the rest of the game is purely based on luck and you don’t have to do too much of calculations or know the tricks to manipulate the game.

NYLotto (NY Lotto) is not as expensive as you imagine and that is another reason why this game is so popular in the city because the minimum play is $1 for two game panels and that means that players have the opportunity to try their luck for $1 and they can end up winning good amount of money if the numbers that they have selected matches the numbers that have been drawn. The bonus number that is withdrawn at the end also makes the game more interesting.
Apart from being simple to play and cheap to buy, NYLotto (NY Lotto) is easy to find because you can find these playcards at any New York Lottery dealers that are around the city. So, you don’t have to search hard for where you can find these playcards.

Unlike, lotteries where only the holder of the lottery wins NYLotto (NY Lotto) offers lot of options for the players to win their money back. Even if all the numbers are not matching there are chances that players can win their money back. With lotto cards, players get $1 if three of the numbers match with the numbers that are drawn. So, even if you don’t have the luck to win a bigger prize there is certainly a chance to at least get back your money. NYLotto (NY Lotto) offers $1 if you have three matching numbers so basically you get your money back and you can try again rather than being disappointed. If you have more than three numbers that matches the numbers that are drawn then you get to win prizes among other winners equally. So, the bigger prize money will be provided on a pari-mutuel basis and winners will share the prize money equally.

NYLotto (NY Lotto) is drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays so players have two opportunities every week to win prizes rather than waiting for an entire week to try again. If you are willing to try your luck again NY Lotto offers you the right option to try your luck at a price that won’t hurt your monthly budget. Although, there are other lotto based games like Powerball and Mega Millions that offer higher prize money but the ticket price for those games are double of that of New York Lotto game.


Reasons for the Downfall of New York Lotto

People are always looking for better opportunities and are willing to take bigger risks and that is one of the reasons why most people today are not too interested about playing NYLotto (NY Lotto). There are many other lottery games that have been introduced at the turn of the century and that have dropped the popularity of lotto in the last decade. Many players today turn to regular lotteries as they would like to focus on bigger prize money and ensure that they don’t have to keep trying harder all the time.

The biggest drawback of NYLotto (NY Lotto) is that the statutory payout percentage which was initially 40% has been declining and that has been one of the reasons behind the loss of interest. People today believe that the payout percentage is comparatively lower and therefore it would not be a great idea to play NYLotto (NY Lotto).

Other lotto-based games like Mega Millions that was introduced in 2002 and Powerball that was introduced in 2010 have managed to attract more players towards it because of the higher prize money that keeps the interest of the players. Both Mega Millions and Powerball have similar rules like lotto and therefore it becomes easier for lotto players to switch to a new concept that offers them better prize money. Hence, in some ways the portfolio of NYLotto (NY Lotto) has been weakened with the entry of new lotto-based games that players have been interested in.

Powerball that was introduced in 2010 has managed to gain lot of popularity mainly because it has been released in the last couple of years and that it also offers better prize money and draws on the same days as NYLotto (NY Lotto). On the other hand, players have to choose only 5 numbers rather than selecting six numbers in the lotto game. Both the new games are multi-jurisdictional and therefore more players can participate in these games.

According to the reports, NYLotto (NY Lotto) sales have declined by 8% in 2011-2012 as more and more players switched to other lotto games and lotteries that can offer them better prize money. With the drop in the sales, the jackpot money has been reduced from $3 million to $2 million in 2013 that is offered in 26 graduated payments. The rollovers have also been reduced considering the weak response from the people. However NYLotto (NY Lotto) is alive, and recommended.



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